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 Once it has been significantly

heated it is then cooled the plastic is forced to become

stronger and can be utilised in many more products that

require high strength. Commonly used plastics [url=http://www.hj-plastics.com/product/pvc-pipe-]PVC pipe fitting[/url] in the casting process are

polystyrene, epoxy, acrylic and silicon. After the plastic

has been treated it can then be annealed. The plastic is

heated until it almost reaches its melting temperature and

kept at this temperature for a determined period of time,

this varies between each plastic although usually occurs for

approximately 5 minutes for every millimetre of the plastics

thickness. Often during production of model kits such as

action figures, toy trains, cars etc. Plastic casting is

another method of manufacture that can be conducted without

the application of pressure and therefore is a very popular

method of production; it can even been used at home,

although on a very small

 Although the casting process is fairly

inexpensive when compared to some of the other manufacturing

methods, this is its biggest limitation. This process takes

only minutes due to the introduction of the setting agents

into the mixture.g. The process of plastic casting can be

categorised into many different types depending on the

material of the


This process involves the plastic to be heat treated

generally in a large oven, oil bath or gas filled chamber.

Casting was a method utilised six thousand years ago to

produce metal and more recently plaster, concrete and


This method is usually implemented when the final

product requires very intricate and complex details. The

procedure begins with the thermosetting plastic (a plastic

that cannot be reheated or reformed once set), either

partially heated to its resin form (small granules), molten
 However, due to the aggressive nature

of the setting agent, the cast does degrade quite quickly so

requires a high turnover of casts, typically a cast will

produce between 50-100 products.
 Other than that, the

casting process is relatively low in cost, particularly if

the raw resin is used as this will decrease the amount of

waste produced. This can range from metal to rubber and even

plastic. The casting process is commonly used to produce

toys, model kits and plastic handles for garage tool kits.

Like compression moulding, this can be used with either

partially solidified plastic resin or like other production

methods, the liquefied state of the plastic or powered

state.<meta [url=http://www.hj-]CPVC Ball Valve [/url] This article introduces

the reader to the process of plastic casting, the history

behind its development and the uses of the plastics it

produces. painting).

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