Sports shoes with elastic adidas
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Adidas hands out big contracts for pro athletes,[url=]Adidas Yeezy 350 Mens[/url] like a $200 million deal with houston rockets james Hardin, and a lifetime contract worth more than $10 million a year to soccer star lionel messi. now the company has a deal, although a bit smaller, with emmaus High School and athletes, like lacrosse player johnnie williams.I think it's a great opportunity for both adidas and emmaus, said williams, a graduating senior.under the deal, varsity teams will get free uniforms and a 40 percent discount on the second set. the district will also get $10,000 worth of merchandise in years two through four.during the contract, all team members, coaches, and staff must wear adidas for games and district social media posts.

The speedfactories…are a perfect illustration of where the production of the future is heading,”[url=]Adidas Yeezy 350 Mens[/url] said klaus helmrich, member of the management board of siemens. the social trend towards greater customisation coupled with new technologies capable of actually fulfilling these expectations will permanently change many production processes.commenting on the collaboration, adidas’ vp of technology Innovation gerd manz said: by digitalising the value chain, we will be able to implement new technological innovations more quickly, make more efficient and transparent use of the resources available and so respond more flexibly to the individual needs of our consumers – to give them what they want when they want it.

Adidas has also used acadia’s facility several times to test the performance of its shoes,[url=]Adidas Yeezy 350 Womens[/url] and landry said the company is looking for a new project to collaborate with again, after landry spent a recent sabbatical working at their sport research lab in portland, oregon.we’re always looking for partners and get funding to keep things moving,” said landry, who initiated and built the John macIntyre mlab (motion laboratory of applied biomechanics) with the assistance of a canada foundation for Innovation grant and matching funds. It’s named in memory of a popular all-star soccer athlete at acadia.
the lab features 19 motion-capture cameras recording thousands of frames per second, with wireless sensors measuring real-time muscle activation patterns in 3d to understand risk factors for injury.

Adidas unveiled their first 3D-printed shoe, the adidas futurecraft 3D runner, to a lot of hype. released in limited quantities to the public last december, it quickly flew off shelves.url=]Adidas Zx[/url] following the success of the 3D runner, it didn’t take long for adidas to show off to the public what else they’ve been cooking up in their labs with the next iteration in their futurecraft series. teaming up with Silicon valley-based tech company carbon, they recently unveiled what could very well be the future of performance shoe design with the adidas Futurecraft 4D.carbon, which bills itself as a company that is “working to revolutionize product creation through hardware, software, and molecular science,” uses a process called digital light synthesis to create the unique lattice structure you see on the midsole of the futurecraft 4D. They use a programmable liquid polymer resin which is then blasted with ultraviolet light through an oxygen-permeable window to set the shape.

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