The Oakley Olympic team
Author: wupan 11 of april 2017 22:22

Luxottica owns both Oakley and Ray-Ban, and in 2016 Luxottica integrated Oakley into its infrastructure instead of having it run as a stand-alone company. Oakley no longer has its own independent, executive leadership team.    [url=]cheap oakley sunglasses outlet[/url]                            

Luxottica has announced a GTR exclusive launch for the new Oakley Silver which hit stores across travel retail this month.[url=]Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses outlet[/url]                                    

Oakley launched the Radar Pace this week. The “smart” eyewear tracks speed, pace, and a lot more, and gives you realtime feedback with digital “coaching.” We put it to the test.[url=]Oakley Sport Sunglasses outlet[/url]                                    

Remember the neon green they were famous for? They're back in the Green Fade collection.[url=][img][/img][/url]

The Oakley Olympic team, which is comprised of 500+ top athletes from around the world, will be wearing the iconic green-colored frames, which are integrated with the latest in Oakley’s lens technology.

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